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Some parts of north India received showers on July 11 but the long-delayed monsoon eluded the Delhi-National Capital Region (NCR) once again.

However, the India Meteorological Department has forecast heavy rainfall at isolated places in the north region by the morning of July 12.

As there was little relief from the unforgiving heat throughout July 11 in many parts of north India, the IMD said conditions are rife for the advancement of Southwest Monsoon over Delhi as humidity has also increased due to easterlies, and the formation of a low-pressure area will also boost its advancement.

Central Delhi is currently now the most rain-deficient district in India, receiving only 8.5 mm rainfall against the normal of 125.1 mm since June 1, when the monsoon season starts, thus recording a shortfall of 93 percent.

Overall, Delhi has received 64 percent less rainfall than normal so far, putting it in the category of “large deficient” states.

The southwest Monsoon has reached almost all parts of India but has stayed away from some parts of north India. It is yet to reach Delhi, Haryana, parts of west Uttar Pradesh, and west Rajasthan.

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