With nearly 6 trillion dollars in volume traded on a daily basis, the market for online foreign exchange (forex) trading and speculation is by far one of the fastest growing in the world. Due to breakthroughs in technology, it’s now easier than ever to participate in this industry’s rapid growth. Unlike a brick and mortar business, all that’s needed to build your own forex broker is a computer and an internet connection! If you ever asked yourself how to start your own forex broker, the guidelines offered below will serve as an excellent starting point.


There are several components to consider when setting up a forex trading company. To start, it’s important to incorporate a new business entity and establish a bank account. This first step is crucial since it won’t be possible to either or receive payments until a bank account has been established. Many new brokers also ask about applying for a forex broker license, a service also provided by HND Ventures LLC/Ltd. Although it is beneficial to operate as a fully licensed brokerage, it isn’t a strict requirement when initially launching your brokerage.


After your new forex brokerage has been incorporated, the next step is to explore the various white label solutions available in the market place. Market 24×365 (MT24365) and Binary Opinion is quite a popular platform although there are others to select from as well. As an example, the Market 24hrs x 365 days Trading Platform has grown in popularity due to its ease to use, functionality, and the start of the art design.

After discussing your business model with you in further detail, we will be able to guide you to select both the best and cheapest white label solutions available in the marketplace. The good news is that the cost of establishing a forex white label is quite affordable, especially in consideration of the potential return on investment.

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